This is a hand crafted Electric Guitar Serving Board.  The electric guitar signal can be electronically altered to change the timbre of the sound.  This electric guitar can change the way you serve food.  This Serving Board is crafted from Birdseye Maple and Bubinga wood.  The Birdseye Maple is from Northeast North America.  Called birdseye maple (sometimes written out as bird’s eye) because the tiny knots in the grain resemble small bird’s eyes. The figure is reportedly caused by unfavorable growing conditions for the tree. The tree attempts to start numerous new buds to get more sunlight, but with poor growing conditions the new shoots are aborted, and afterward a number of tiny knots remain.  The Maple tree grows to heights of 115 feet with a diameter of up to 3 feet.  Bubinga, is a beautiful hardwood from Africa's West Coast. The colors range from reds, brown and violet tones. The Bubinga tree grows to height of 150 feet with a diameter of up to 3 feet.  Hand wash only.  Board size: 24 3/4" x 10 1/2" x 7/8".  

Serving Board - Electric Guitar